A curated showcase of our collaborative projects. While we can’t share everything due to client confidentiality, you’ll find a diverse range of work that highlights my expertise in early stage product development, UX and facilitation.
  • Strategic roadmaps in software development

    Strategic roadmaps in software development

    Best of both worlds; how an intensive brainstorm traject can facilitate a shared vision on the new software to streamline agile development.

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  • Future proof  GroeiGids app

    Future proof GroeiGids app

    The GroeiGids app helps parents (to be) with the development, health and upbringing of their children. The current app needed an upgrade regarding usability, navigation and design to be future-proof.

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  • Junglegym configurator

    Junglegym configurator

    How can we create a fun and exiting online experience while designing a super safe playground that fits your garden.

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  • GoPotty training App

    GoPotty training App

    The GoPotty app helps parents and children with potty training. Go Potty designed and developed the first version of the app in-house. To reach even more parents, they had big ambitions in creating a more accessible app. By including loads of videos and updating the UX the app is now ready for this bigger audience.…

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  • Product validation & detailing

    Product validation & detailing

    Ann.ID uses various techniques to help clients validate their product ideas before the products are build or made. In all stages of development we can support you by different tools and methods.

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  • Wearable Product Accelerator sessions

    Wearable Product Accelerator sessions

    WPA sessions help clients to solidify their producties, identify major milestones within just one day. It serves as input for a detailed roadmap and ensures all team members are on the same page.

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  • Maku – a wearable for at home clinical trials

    Maku – a wearable for at home clinical trials

    What if you would look at clinical trials from the perspective from the patient? Together with boys and men with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy we designed a wearable and accompanying app to facilitate at home clinical trails.

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  • Centrip – Smart group safety

    Centrip – Smart group safety

    Centrip’s goal is to make the world a safer place for vulnerable and at-risk people during group activities at any scale. Together we worked towards deployment of the most reliable group tracking solution to support childcare professionals in overseeing groups of children.

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  • Haptic Cycling shirt

    Haptic Cycling shirt

    The Haptic Cycling shirt uses vibrations for effective training. The project is a collaboration between ByBorre and Elitac Wearables.

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