Wearable Product Accelerator sessions

Together with Thrive Wearables, AnnID developed a framework for ‘Wearable Product Accelerator’ sessions. These sessions act as a vital catalyst for clients looking to solidify their product idea, identify major milestones and craft a detailed roadmap with costings. Additionally, these sessions foster team cohesion, ensuring everyone is aligned with a shared vision of the new product.

Let’s dive into the key components of the Wearable Product Accellerator sessions:

Idea solidification and understanding the users: The Wearable Product Accelerator sessions provide a structured approach for clients to refine their ideas. Through collaborative brainstorming with expert guidance of Anneke van Abbema, the sessions help clients in refining their product vision for the upcoming years.

Product proposition: Zooming in on the product proposition, the accelerator sessions delves into understanding the target users and their motivations. By identifying the users’ needs and desires, the sessions enable clients to understand the key functionalities of the new product. During the sessions we emphasize focusing on product attributes rather than requirements, to not focus on solutions but on user goals. This user-centric approach aids to define a MVP with superior user experience.

Mapping priorities: In product development, resource allocation requires tough choices. We use a focus matrix, driven by user stories and product attributes, to optimize lead time, expenses, and quality.

Define key milestones in product development: Together we precisely define to what extent the product idea has been validated: Do we fully understand the user needs? Is the chosen technology feasible? Will users like the concept and form-factor? Are they willing to buy the new product? For each stage of development we define the current status and what we need to deliver in order to move forward.

Commercial and technology risk assessment: The sessions briefly analyze potential technological and commercial risks associated with the new wearable product. By identifying and addressing these risks early on, clients can mitigate potential pitfalls and ensure a smoother development journey.

One of the key outcomes of these sessions is the creation of a detailed roadmap that encompasses all aspects of product development, including costings. This roadmap becomes an invaluable resource for clients in shaping their business strategy or seeking funding. It provides a comprehensive overview of the project’s timeline, budget, and key deliverables, facilitating effective decision-making and resource allocation.

Together we developed a collaborative framework and online systems, loosely based on the principles from Modified Agile for Hardware, to support the development of innovative wearable technology products for clients.

Anneke delivered a series of online workshops as the main facilitator. We generally received excellent post workshop feedback from clients, in particular noting their newfound sense of clarity about the planned product, how it will work, the development risks to be mindful of and ultimately, and of course how the product will deliver value to specific user groups.

Anneke is massively experienced and capable in this area. She is able to move effortlessly back and forth between the big picture and the fine details, rapidly honing and focussing concepts around what’s important. Her succinct input helps creators and innovators gain a clear understanding of what to build and why, grounded always on a clear understanding of value to end users and product stakeholders.

Dave Sandbach, Director of Innovation at Thrive Wearables





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