We are a wearable and softgoods design studio from Rotterdam ·

We design complex wearable systems and accompanying accessories in the healthcare, wellbeing, sports and safety domain. We focus on improving people’s life and performances, by designing – textile – products that closely interact with the human body.


Haptic Cycling Shirt

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Centrip: Smart group safety

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Nice to meet! Focus and engagement on your meeting

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ProGauntlet Inner Glove

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Blog: The challenge of wearable innovation

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Mission Navigation Belt 2.0

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Tactile Car Seat

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FysioPal: A body posture coach

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What we do

We are involved in your product development process and dedicated to make it happen!
From a large role as product owner, or just to make the prototypes.


Ann.ID is a small collaborative design studio lead by Anneke van Abbema. She has 10+ years of hands-on experience in wearable and softgoods design: from product development up to market roll-out as well as deep R&D projects with a focus on creating new methodologies on how to integrate electronics into textiles. Connect with Anneke through LinkedIn or learn more about her background.

 Technology is blended into our everyday lives, yet most interactions are through screens or keypads. Can’t we make these interactions more soft and personal? More and more textiles are used in industrial products and wearables to create more valuable (on-body) interactions. To be able to make these hybrid products, you need to be able to interact interdisciplinary between many different professions and industries. That is exactly what I love about wearables, integrating both Industrial Design Engineering with tailoring.” 

WE WORK FOR: Thrive Wearables | VanBerlo Agency | Spark design & innovation | Studio Mango | EagleScience Software | TNO | Centrip | Elitac x Pauline van Dongen x BYBORRE | Sentaz x Teijin Aramid | UMCU Utrecht x Pontes Medical | NightBalance and more…

WE CLOSELY COLLABORATE WITH talented specialists in the field of hardware development, textile manufacturing, enclosure design, 3D printing, mass customisation, service design, UX/UI to bring your ideas into the market.


Are you ready to move from the drawing board to tangible products?

We’d love to help you accelerate in the process of executing your ideas into reality. Send us a message, so we can grab a coffee!