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We make ideas tangible, to get as much insights as possible in final looks, underlying working principles and future production. With our pragmatic approach we get you into the fast lane of (early stage) validation.

The workshop has many tools available for rapid development of first prototypes and MVP’s of wearables, softgoods and enclosures. In multiple iterations we work towards ‘looks-like-real’ prototypes. In our workshop we make the first series up to 10 pcs, hereafter we partner up with production parties and specialist to scale up.

Different stage of development, different kind of prototype.

In every stage of development, prototypes are valuable for different reasons: as a means to convey your idea, to gather (user) feedback, to validate the product or market, as a tool to setup production etc. For each of these stages we provide different types of prototypes:

Quick ‘n Dirty proto, mockups, sketches or wireframes. We believe that – especially – in early product development it is key to translate abstract ideas to tangible output. This immediately creates alignment within teams and is a great tool for (very) early market validation. Talking about something that exists in real life is always easier than about a vague idea.

Look & Feel proto with a strong focus on aesthetics, usually not functional. These prototypes with the same looks, materials and dimensions as the final product are mostly used for user validation (ergonomics, looks), market attractiveness, presentation and as a means to engage stakeholder(s) or investor.

Functional prototype mainly serves the purpose of ensuring ‘everything works as desired’. These prototypes are the opposite of Look & Feel proto’s and usually bulky, with wires attached or a combination of existing – off the shelf – components. Although these prototypes don’t look the best, they are a great tool in tackling technical difficulties and feasibility studies.

Golden Sample, or pre-production type is perfect for product demonstration as well as the basis for production. Together with the technical production package it provides a detailed, final design and aids to reduce production and/or communication errors.
Small pre-production series can be used for funding or further product testing.


  • Sketching
  • Paper, glue – everything that makes your idea tangible
  • Sewing machines
  • (Vinyl cutter (Transfer prints, stickers
  • Heat press
  • 3D printing
  • Digital prototypes of e.g. wireframes


  • Mockups for early stage product validation and testing.
  • “Looks-like-real” prototypes
  • Functional prototypes
  • Golden prototypes or pre-production prototypes.
  • Small production series up to 10pcs

Our favourite prototyping projects

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